The Arts and Culture Society of Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening) is one of its most vibrant societies of our college with students from all the different departments contributing to its vivacity and color. The Society reaches out to all the students of the college with diverse interests and abilities in the fields of Performing Arts like Dance, Drama, Modeling and Singing. Students with exceptional abilities in the field of Western and Indian Music (instrumental and vocal), Photography and other Creative arts are also encouraged to participate in the society activities. The college constantly creates opportunities and supports students with exceptional talents by organizing meaningful workshops and training programs for its students before staging their performances in its regular set of events. Our college has organized Arts and Culture events in the past in collaboration with prestigious institutions like the National School of Drama, Sangeet Natak Academy, Delhi and Urdu Academy, Delhi. Many of our students have won accolades, awards and honors at the national level especially in the field of Drama and Vocal Music. Members of the Faculty work hand-in-hand with student office bearers to make the best of the human and material resources. For staging all major events the college has a huge auditorium with state of the art facilities.

The Arts and Culture Society of Zakir Husain Delhi College, Evening, begins its year with Jashn-e-Aaghaz (The festival of initiation) in which the society introduces and stages the talents of fresh students inducted in the new academic session. The introductory program is followed by programs like Navrang (a colorful event of performaces, inter-college competitions of Song, Dance and Modeling) and ZakDram (a dedicated inter-college drama festival) staged by the three years together. The year ends with the annual college event called Basant, which presents the collective talent of the last year, ushering in the New Year and inspiring the semesters to follow.