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Shama-e-Hayat is a prestigious journal of Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening), started in 1959. It is an annual journal dedicated to highlighting the intellectual and creative contributions of its community. The journal serves as a vibrant platform, capturing the diverse academic and imaginative expressions from students, faculty members, research scholars from different universities, and alumni, thereby fostering an environment of scholarly and creative excellence.

It publishes a rich array of content, including academic papers, research articles, creative writing, essays, and reviews, catering to a wide spectrum of interests and disciplines. The journal invites submissions that reflect the intellectual rigor and artistic talent of its contributors. Each issue is meticulously curated to include pieces that not only demonstrate scholarly achievements but also showcase creative imagination, ensuring a comprehensive representation of knowledge and artistic expression.

Some special issues of Shama-e-Hayat have been published, such as: Ghalib (1967-69), Urdu Afsana Tanqeed (1986-87), Urdu Masnavi (1987-88), Beg (1974- 75-76), Drama (1998-99), Meer Taqi Meer (2010-11), and Mirza Mehmood Beg (2008-09). Officially recognized with the ISSN number 2395-1230 and listed in the UGC CARE list in 2021, Shama-e-Hayat meets the quality benchmarks set by the University Grants Commission, further establishing its credibility and academic value.

As an essential part of Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening), the journal continues to provide a dynamic forum for showcasing multifaceted talents and contributing to broader academic and cultural discourse.