Rules and Regulations

* Entry in the library is open only to bonafide students and staff/faculty members of the Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening), University of Delhi.
* Users should always carry their valid Identity Card of the current session issued by the College and produce the same whenever asked by the Library staff.
* Strict decorum and discipline must be maintained in the Library.
* Use of Cell phones is not allowed. If reader wish to keep them while using the Library, they must be switched off.
* Students are not allowed to carry Bags, Personal Books, eatables and drinks in the entire Library premises.
* Smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the Library.
* Books taken out of the shelves must be left on the table. Replacing the books on shelves by students is not encouraged as the books may get misplaced.
* Students should not mark, underline, write, or tear pages or otherwise damage the Library documents.
* Users are requested to handle all Library property carefully to avoid damage to it and also not to disturb other readers/users.
* No Library materials can be taken out of the Library without permission of the Librarian.
* Photocopying service is available for bonafide members oft he Library at Re. 1/- per copy.
* Some items in the Library cannot be copied because of copyright laws, poor condition, etc.
* The discretion/decision of the Librarian on any matter pertaining to Library services will be binding on the Library users.
* Anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the Library may be debarred from using the Library facilities or other punishments.
* The Librarian, with the approval of the Principal reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any of these rules as and when required.

Suggestions on all aspects of library services are welcome