Vision and Mission


Mentor; Educate; Empower: Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

• Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening) is guided by its motto “Live by Love”. Cognizant of our long tryst with history, the college strives to be a bridge between the old and the new – moving forward keeping in tune with the times, and yet, making every effort to uphold the values and ethics that characterized the old Delhi College in the 19th century. It continues to maintain the “Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb”.
• The College strongly upholds the principles of secularism, tolerance, gender and social justice. It symbolises a steadfast dedication to fundamental personal and societal principles such as compassion, societal duties, fairness and democratic governance.
• The College ethos combines tradition and modernity through its commitment to ideals rooted in a scientific, academic and intellectual tradition.
• The College’s vision is also in line with the vision of Delhi University - “Nishtha Dhriti Satyam” – a commitment to dedication, steadfastness and truth.
• The College is committed to transforming the lives of its primary stakeholders – the students – by enabling, empowering and enlightening them not just through teaching-learning inside the classroom but also through various co-curricular activities and sports, research and other extension activities.
• Aware of its unique character, the college is committed to social empowerment for all by making education inclusive and accessible to all the students belonging to diverse sections of society.
• The constant mentoring by the faculty with this vision enables our graduates to excel in the real world and become architects of a new India and a new global world order.
• The college is steadfastly committed to a holistic educational vision directed at shaping young lives into a fellowship of socially responsible citizens, committed leaders and visionary innovators.


“Vidya Dadati Vinayam” – Knowledge begets Humility. The mission of Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening) is to inspire the next generation who will proudly take the country forward towards the mission of Viksit Bharat while remaining humble and grounded. To this effect, our goals and objectives are the foundation of all our activities in the college:

To realise our vision and fulfil our mission our goals are:

• Imparting of a holistic, high-quality education to all our stakeholders, including skill development and extension activities outside the classroom.
• Provide an aesthetically and culturally conducive environment that motivates students to achieve a cohesive and coherent intellectual development.
• Encourage all stake holders to give back to the institution and contribute to the task of nation-building.
• Foster values of humanity, social responsibility, equity and democracy in students and inculcate in them the need to be kind to everyone.
• Inculcate environmental consciousness among the students and highlight the need to be in harmony with the environment.
• To create an inclusive-atmosphere and cater to the needs of both slow and advanced learners.
• To provide the best possible infrastructure and latest technological aids to facilitate the teaching- learning process.
• To generate more career opportunities for students and make them employable.
• Encourage industry-academia collaborations for helping students gain global acceptance with a competitive edge.
• Nurture environmental consciousness oriented towards sustainable practices.