Department of Persian is functioning with the starting days of Evening College. The department offers B.A. (Hons.) & (Prog.) courses. Activities of the department are not limited to teaching alone. The teachers and students have been organizing academic activities i.e. organizing seminars, memorial lectures, talks on relevant topics related to Persian language and literature in the college and educational tours of various historical monuments etc. Teachers and Research scholars are invited from the various Universities of India and abroad to participate in the lectures, Seminars.
It is a matter of honour for the department that the president of India had awarded the “Certificate of Honour” to Dr. Mohammad Yousuf (retired Associate Professor) to appreciate his honorable contribution to Persian language & literature.
The Present faculty members of the department are as follows:
Dr. Fauzia (Associate Professor & Teacher Incharge)
Dr. Khursheed Ahmad (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Nazneen (Assistant Professor)
Mr. Sushil Kumar (Assistant Professor)