Department of Economics has been an integral part of the College since its inception. Any educational institution is built by the perseverance and passion of the people involved. Our Department has been fortunate enough that our predecessors' pious contributions have culminated into a markable being. Many of our senior colleagues have not only underpinned the department of economics rather have also proved to be good administrative leaders. Dr Salman G Hashmi, Dr Shakti Sharma and Dr S A Hamideen have proved their mettle as able academic leaders for quite a tenure. Dr M M Khullar and Mr J P Sharma have immensely enriched the department of economics along with other remarkable members.
Presently, all the colleagues are striving and engaging themselves to contribute to optimising the teaching-learning process. Most of our colleagues are PhD in the diverse fields of Economics ranging from Food Security; Labour Economics; Environment Economics; Financial and Security markets besides the core theoretical curriculum. Our faculty members are industriously involved in the pursuit of furtherance of knowledge by publishing books and research papers as well as by actively participating and presenting in conferences and seminars. Department of Economics warmly welcomes you all.