The Department of English has been an integral part of Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening) since its inception in 1958. It offers courses to students who have opted for English Honours as well as English courses to students of B. A. Programme, B. Com. Honours and B. Com Programme. A student opting for English Honours is introduced to English Literatures from the Indian subcontinent as well as from around the world.
The English Literary Society is a very active one and organizes various talks and programmes, with the highlight being the departmental Literary Fest – Zaklit. From street plays to students’ seminars, from photography competitions to turn-coat debates – the programme has been full of exciting events and prizes, in its previous editions. Vesper – the college magazine in English – is also edited by the Department, by an editorial board comprising both teachers and students. Offering intellectual rigour as well as a vibrant space for extra-curricular activities, the Department creates an enabling milieu for each student to learn and grow.